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What to know in 2022

Important details about your 2022 benefits and the resources available to you during open enrollment.

Benefits Highlights of 2022

Take a look at important details of your benefits and be sure to learn more about open enrollment by accessing the resources available to you. 

New for 2022

Below, are important coverage changes to your benefits: 

  • Aetna Dental Preferred Provider Organization (DPPO): The Out-of-Pocket maximum will increase from $1,750 to $2,000 for in-network services.
  • You may review coverage changes to the CVS Caremark prescription drug plan at https://info.caremark.com/oe/fcps

Wellness Programs Available

Remember to complete your Health Risk Assessment in 2022 and earn a $100 incentive. You can learn more about the Health Risk Assessment, Maternity Incentive, discounts and other wellness programs on the Wellness page.

Virtual Open Houses

You can learn more about your 2022 benefits by joining one of the following virtual open houses:


Active Employees


October 15

4 pm - 6 pm

1 pm – 3 pm

October 20

4 pm – 6 pm

1 pm – 3 pm

October 28

4 pm - 6 pm

1 pm – 3 pm

November 2

4 pm - 6 pm

1 pm – 3 pm


You can obtain the session links for the webinars/chat sessions and find more information on open enrollment by clicking on the link below.  Pre-registration is required prior to joining the session. 

FCPS Open Enrollment page >

Find out what your care will cost ahead of time

Remember to visit your Aetna member website or the Aetna Health app to see what your health care costs, how much is covered by your plan and where you are with your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. You can also get real-time estimates and compare costs for out-of-pocket medical expenses based on your health plan and provider rates.

Watch the following video to learn more about Aetna Health: