Dental Wellness

Brushing your teeth may be more important than you think.

Good dental health helps keep your mouth in better shape. That means fewer cavities, stronger teeth and less chance for periodontal — or gum — disease. Importantly, good oral health is part of overall health and well-being. In fact, your mouth can be a window into many general health problems.

Many diseases and conditions are visible through the mouth. In fact, sometimes the first sign of a general health problem shows up in the mouth.¹ And a dental professional can spot signs of many of them. As infections in the mouth may affect other parts of the body, this means good oral health has never been more important — or the potential advantages more clear!¹

If you are pregnant or have diabetes or heart disease, you can received an extra cleaning or visit to a dentist to treat gum disease. Please click on each topic to learn more about how certain health conditions and diseases affect dental health.


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